• Environmental &
    social sustainability

    Caring for people and the planet

  • Food quality
    & safety

    Quality assurance and accreditation

  • Fair & ethical

    Economic prosperity through profit participation

The Core Promise

We are committed to manage the available natural resources in a responsible manner, ensuring a sustainable future for the agricultural sector.

Ethical Trading

We believe in doing things right. Our relationship with partner growers on the one hand and receiving markets on the other, is based on the principle of mutual benefits, strong relationships and long-term growth for all.


We support the notion that we’re custodians of our natural resources, and we ask the same of our growers.

Food Safety

Core fully recognises our responsibility to ensure that both our customers and the end consumer are supplied with products that strictly comply with international food safety standards.

Accreditations and Audits

Core adds its voice to international environmental sustainability movements such as the Rainforest Alliance, a growing network of farmers, foresters, communities, scientists, governments, environmentalists, and businesses dedicated to conserving biodiversity and ensuring sustainable livelihoods.

Core is a member of APAC, the South African industry body that regulates the operations of fresh produce, export and livestock agents and maintains and monitors the status and integrity of persons practicing those operations according to section 9, Agricultural Produce Agents Act, 12 of 1992.


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Core is an IFS (International Featured Standard) certified broker. The IFS provides a benchmarked standard for auditing food safety and quality of processes and products of food manufacturers.


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In 2022, Core Fruit achieved the prestigious GLOBALG.A.P. Chain of Custody certification, reaffirming our unwavering dedication to responsible sourcing, sustainable agricultural practices, and a fully transparent supply chain spanning from our farms to the discerning end consumer. This certification signifies our solemn promise to our valued customers and consumers that every product they select is meticulously sourced from farms that hold the esteemed GLOBALG.A.P. certification. Your trust, our commitment.


Natuurboerdery® is farming with awareness and sensitivity towards the ever changing natural and human environment, and adapting to this change with best efficiency in order to stay relevant and to prosper.


Our partner growers and packhouse facilities adhere to some of the world’s most stringent accreditations as requested by major retailers worldwide.

We strive to comply with the requirements of the market place and our clients and require certification from our partners according to the strict approval criteria set by such bodies as BRC, HACCP, GRASP and SIZA as well as GLOBALG.A.P. standards.